From December 9th to 13th 2019, in our factory in Pesaro, we do want to show you the full-automatic door processing line “PERFECT-DOOR-HP“.

The line has a productivity of 3 doors per minute, considering the following operation: lock, strike-plate, key, handle and hinge seats.

2 vacuum bridges manage the automatic loading and unloading (with CNC adjustable brushes for cleaning) from/to pallets. The line also features top routing with automatic tool-changer, vacuum cups for lifting the door when routing and barrel turner for processing both surfaces of the panel in the two different stations.

The line is the most advanced door-panel solution; the result of Stemas experience, that has led us to be the market leader in the door machinery around the globe.

If you’re willing to come over during week 50, please contact us for help you schedule your visit.