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02 CLS S412-03


02 CLS S412-03

02 CLS S412-03

Automatic work centre with stations to cut, bore, mill and border bars and profiles for doors with 90° and 45° cuts.

The 02CLS 02 work centre cuts, bores, mills and borders wooden, MDF or similar bars and profiles for doors, lined with pvc, paper, veneered or lacquered.

Simple and versatile use combined with a modular construction system permit this machine to be personalised and equipped according to specific needs and use. In fact, the machine can be equipped with units that cut, bore, round, coat, mill, insert rolling dowels, pantographs, borders, rolls, tenon and, where necessary, specially constructed operating units.
The wide range of composition and personalisation make this machine a unique product, able to satisfy the needs of all those businesses, from small, craftsmen to large corporations, looking for a product that can guarantee high production and quality standards.

The high quality of the materials used for construction and the distinguishing technical and machining specifications ensure a high level of precision and reliability. The machine operates with a piece advancement system that uses shock absorber boosters anchored on reinforced toothed belts with steel cores. A brushless motor drives belt jog movement. Thanks to the structure made up of a fixed and mobile side with controlled axis opening on rectified tracks secured with ball runners, both ends of the piece can be machined, thus reducing production time.

Among the various available options we would like to point out: a vertical loader for automatic machine feed and the machined piece return system that allows the operator to quickly and easily unload the piece.